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Qalculate! version 4.8.1 released
Qalculate! version 4.8 released
Qalculate! version 4.7 released
Qalculate! version 4.6.1 released
Qalculate! version 4.6 released
Qalculate! version 4.5.1 released
Qalculate! version 4.5 released
Qalculate! version 4.4 released
Qalculate! version 4.3 released
Qalculate! version 4.2 released
General changes: GUI changes:
Qalculate! version 4.1.1 released
General changes: GTK GUI changes:
Qalculate! version 4.1 released
General changes: GUI changes:
Qalculate! version 4.0 released
General changes: Changes in Qt GUI (see the git log for details): Changes in GTK GUI (see the ChangeLog for details): Changes in CLI (qalc):
Qalculate! version 3.22 released
Changes in libqalculate: Changes in Qt GUI: Changes in GTK GUI: Changes in CLI (qalc):
Qalculate! version 3.21 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 3.20.1 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 3.20 released
This version includes a new interface using the Qt GUI toolkit. It is nearly feature complete (notably editing of units and data sets are not currently possible) but is likely not yet completely stable and reliable. At this moment the new user interface is only included in the official binary packages for Windows where the improved speed and compatibility should be particularly welcome.

List of changes:
Qalculate! version 3.19 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 3.18 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 3.17 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 3.16.1 released
This version primarily fixes an issue which may cause the deletion of all user data for data sets. qalculate-gtk has not been updated.

List of changes:
Qalculate! version 3.16 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 3.15 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 3.14 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 3.13 released
List of changes:
Qalculate version 3.12.1 released
This version includes some critical bug fixes.

List of changes:
Qalculate! version 3.12 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! is now avilable at Flathub
The flatpak package (for Linux) has now finally been added to Flathub ( To install the package follow the link or use the command "flatpak install".

Flatpak users are adviced to replace previous installations. Note however that the app-id has changed. In order to preserve configuration and data you will have to manually copy the files (from ~/.var/app/io.github.qalculate.Qalculate to ~/.var/app/io.github.Qalculate).

For Windows users, Qalculate! was recently added to the Windows Package Manager (winget) community repository, making updates easier.
Qalculate! version 3.11 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 3.10 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 3.9 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 3.8 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 3.7 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 3.6 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 3.5 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 3.4 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 3.3 released
List of changes: For details see the changelogs for libqalculate and qalculate-gtk.
Qalculate! version 3.2 released
List of changes: For details see the changelogs for libqalculate and qalculate-gtk.
Qalculate! version 3.1 released
List of changes: For details see the changelogs for libqalculate and qalculate-gtk.
Qalculate! version 3.0 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 2.9.0 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 2.8.2 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 2.8.1 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 2.8 released
This version primarily includes a large number of stability and reliability improvements, thanks to automatic testing of hundreds of thousands of randomly generated mathematical expressions.

List of changes: For details see the changelogs for libqalculate and qalculate-gtk.
Qalculate! version 2.6.2 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 2.6.1 released
List of changes: GUI improvements:
Qalculate! version 2.6 released
List of changes: GUI improvements:
Qalculate! version 2.5 released
List of changes: GUI improvements:
Qalculate! version 2.4 released
List of changes:
Qalculate! version 2.3 released
The main focus of version 2.3 is enhanced integration capabilities and basic solving of differential equations. Qalculate! should be much more usable for calculation of integrals now, even though it is still far from perfect.

There is also some important plotting fixes, as well as many minor bug fixes and feature enhancements. For details see the changelog for libqalculate and qalculate-gtk.
Qalculate! version 2.2.1 released
Version 2.2.1 includes bug fixes and minor feature enhancements.

List of changes:
Qalculate! version 2.2 released
The main focus of version 2.2 is interval arithmetic, which can be used for determination of the number of significant digits in the final result or direct calculation with intervals of numbers. Note that more work is needed to avoid unnecessary interval widening for non-trivial expressions with dependent variables.

List of main changes:
Qalculate! version 2.1 released
The main focus of version 2.1 is consistent handling of roots of negative numbers and equation solving enhancements.

List of main changes:
Qalculate! version 2.0 released
After a month of hard work Qalculate! version 2.0 is ready with removal of glib and cln dependencies from the library, a redesigned expression entry and keypad in the GUI, and a new feature complete Windows version.

List of main changes: For a complee list of changes see the ChangeLogs (libqalculate and qalculate-gtk), or, for even more details, git logs (libqalculate and qalculate-gtk).
Preview of the first official Windows version of Qalculate! released
Qalculate! has long been available for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X, but now it is finally also compatible with Microsoft Windows (although there is a fork by Cheng Sun with Windows compatibility, which has contributed code to this version). This pre-release version is likely not as stable as version 1.0.0 (although it does include some important bug fixes), but you are nevertheless invited to try it, report any issues you find and share you opinion.

Download the installer here: qalculate-1.0.99.msi.
Qalculate! version 1.0 released
Qalculate! version 1.0 includes the following changes: For a complete list of changes see the git logs for libqalculate and qalculate-gtk.
Qalculate! version 0.9.12 released
Qalculate! version 0.9.12 includes fixes to unit parsing in adaptive parsing mode, build fixes and other minor bug fixes. The fork with support for Microsoft Windows has been merged (compilation on Windows has however not been tested).
Qalculate! version 0.9.11 released
Qalculate! version 0.9.11 includes both some important bug fixes and a number of new features. Among other things mixed units conversion has been added and users of the graphical user interface will notice the new enhanced history view. The RPN functionality has received much needed attention and should now be more usable.

Qalculate! version 0.9.10 released
Qalculate! version 0.9.10 includes a small number of important bug fixes. Only libqalculate has been updated.

Qalculate! version 0.9.9 released
Qalculate! version 0.9.9 is a minor release with some important bug fixes, as well as a few new features.

Qalculate! version 0.9.8 released
After almost a decade of very little development, the project has been revived and during the last two months many improvements have been made, until it is now time to release a new version. Qalculate! version 0.9.8 includes many bug fixes, but due to limited testing some new bugs have probably been introduced. Any external applications using libqalculate need to be recompiled to function properly with the new version.

A new version coming soon...
The graphical user interface has been ported to GTK+ 3 (unfortunately the KDE version has been abandoned for now) and lots of bugs have been fixed. Even a few new features have been introduced in the process. Only few more fixes and a lot more testing are needed before I will release a shiny new version of Qalculate.
Qalculate! version 0.9.7 released
After a long time without updates, a new version of Qalculate! is available for download. This is a bug fix and build update release. Qalculate! should now compile and work on most modern systems.

Qalculate! version 0.9.6 released
A new version of Qalculate! providing enhanced stability and usability with bug fixes and feature enhancements is now available.

Qalculate! version 0.9.5 finally released
After a long time with sporadic development, here is a new version with many new features and bug fixes.

Qalculate! version 0.9.4 released
This version includes many enhancements, such as a true RPN mode, a Dutch translation, new icons, API documenation, and bug fixes.

KDE GUI updated
Version of the KDE GUI for Qalculate! (only the qalculate-kde package has been updated) has been released. This version fixes session management and puts Qalculate! in the system tray by default. Also new are a combined dialog for number bases in result and expression, and a command line option to calculate the clipboard content.
Qalculate! version 0.9.3 released
This is primarily a bug fix release with relatively few changes.

Happy Yule to you all!   Qalculate! version 0.9.2 released
This is a major release (hence the .2 increase) that focuses on the CAS functionality, with greatly enhanced factorization/simplification and solving of equations and inequalities.

Qalculate! version 0.9.0 released
This release includes many visual and non-visual enhancements. Users will first notice the redesigned main window, and then the as-you-type parse and function hint display, and enhanced completion. But there are more to be discovered...

Quick fix for result cropping in new pango
The gtk+ version of Qalculate! was updated to handle new behaviour in pango >= 1.10.0.
New Applications: Qalculate! Bases, Qalculate! Currency, Qalculate! Units
In some cases the big (bloated) Qalculate! application is not the most efficient and user friendly interface. Why should you, for example, need to load and learn to use the full application just to convert a simple binary number to a decimal, or to see what the price of a foreign product is in your national currency with the current exchange rates. Therefore, I am now releasing three small utilities: Qalculate! Bases, Qalculate! Currency, and Qalculate! Units. The full libqalculate capabilities is of course available in these applications (arbitrary precision, expression evaluation, etc.), but in graphical user interfaces more fine-tuned for the specific purposes. The screenshots should be self-explanatory.
Qalculate! version 0.8.2
A new full release with mostly bug fixes.

libqalculate! version
This is a bug fix release of libqalculate.

Qalculate! version
The purpose if this release is to check and lower the version numbers of required libraries. Some additional enhancements did however sneak in... qalculate-gtk has not been updated but needs to be recompiled if libqalculate is updated.

Qalculate! version 0.8.1
This release includes several major bug fixes and new features in the KDE interface. The new version also adds support for bitwise operators (~, &, |). This means that '&&' or 'AND', and '||' or 'OR' must be used for logical operations.

Qalculate! version 0.8.0 released with new KDE interface
This release includes a completely new graphical user interface using KDE with all features of the old GTK+ GUI. It features a redesigned main window, with new features such as a history view (instead of in its own window), selectable result and tooltips for variables, functions and units in the result. Note that this does NOT mean that the old interface will be abandoned. The Qalculate! package has been split in three: liqalculate, qalculate-gtk and qalculate-kde.

Qalculate! version 0.7.2
This release includes some requested feature enhancements and minor bug fixes.

Qalculate! version 0.7.1
This is mainly a bug fix release.

Qalculate! version 0.7.0
This release includes some structural changes, a text-based interface, some major speed-ups and a number of bug fixes. Libqalculate is now installed as a shared library and in addition to the now optional gtk+ GUI, there is now a text-based/command line interface with an executable named qalc and access to the full functionality of Qalculate!.

Qalculate! version 0.6.4
This release includes, in addition to a large variety of enhancements and bug fixes, a new data set concept, to be able to handle large sets of variables, and significant algebraic enhancements.

Qalculate! version 0.6.3
A new exciting release of Qalculate! is ready with a lot of bug fixes and some interesting new features, including a periodic table, lots of physical constants, and new more flexible internal systems and user options for precision and object names (now case-insensitive).

Changelog: The element data is rather limited at moment and I'm not exactly a chemist, so if someone is willing to step forward and fill in the missing properties I would very much appreciate it. I could also use some more suggestions on functions that you think should be included, how the user interface can become more user-friendly, and any new features that would be useful.
Qalculate! ebuild now in portage
Qalculate! is now available in Gentoo.
Install with ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge qalculate-gtk
Qalculate! version 0.6.2
The new version includes some urgent bug fixes and a number of feature enhancements.

Problems with -Os optimization
I have discovered that with "-Os" in CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS, Qalculate! will crash on startup. Replace with "-O2".
Qalculate! version 0.6.1
This release fixes some urgent bugs.

Quick fix
If you downloaded version 0.6 yesterday, you should try again today.
Qalculate! version 0.6 finally released
This release features completely rewritten math structures, including how expressions are represented, simplified and calculated internally. This means that all known bugs and mathematical errors have been fixed, and hopefully results in much improved reliability. As almost no code was left untouched, a bunch of new bugs should however be expected.

User visible changes include
Status Update
Relatively long time has gone by since the last release, but this does not mean that development has stalled. I am currently rewriting the core math code, including how expressions are represented, simplified and calculated internally.

The rewrite will take some time, but will hopefully result in much improved reliability. Some functionality will be lost in the process and some will be added, such as assumptions (although the current version makes some inconsistent on its own) and display of the actual expression calculated, but most user-visible features will remain unchanged. Also, the API will be closer to being ready for a separate library release.

I seriously considered fully moving to Giac, but found that it was still lacking the stability needed for a desktop application and I also felt that I was moving too far a way from the main purpose of Qalculate!, which is to be a user-friendly and efficient tool for a wide array of everyday and simple scientific calculations. Those who need a full CAS will probably be more efficient with the tools provided with Giac.
Qalculate! version 0.5.1
This version includes some important bug fixes (mostly related to trigonometric functions and multiple roots) and a new solve function.

Multiple roots is broken
The mode for calculation of multiple roots is seriously broken. Make sure that you disable it!
Qalculate! version 0.5
This version includes a relatively large number of feature enhancements and fixes. The user interface has been partly redesigned (see screenshots) and does now have convenient completion for expressions. Note that gtk+-2.4 is recommended for this release, as it is needed for some of the new features.

Qalculate! version 0.4.2a: "Oops!"
Fixes compilation without Giac.
Qalculate! version 0.4.2: Now with documentation!
This release includes a first manual draft. Please note that English is not my native language and this quite extensive manual was written during one hectic week. Version 0.4.2 also includes some bug fixes and new features.

Qalculate! version 0.4.1
This is a bug fix release that fixes all problems related to strptime (by not using it) and parsing of text/date arguments.

Qalculate! version 0.4
This release adds complex numbers and optional support for Giac, a computer algebra system. Even though some bug fixes have been made, this version is considered less stable than the previous. Most changes dates back to early November before a long break and I'm still waiting for the time and motivation to do the necessary rewrite of the core math structures.

Binary packages available
Debian packages (by Martin Waitz) are now available.
Minor bug fix release
Qalculate! version foremost fixes crash on display of matrix and incorrect calculation of division by root with multiple solutions.