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- the ultimate desktop calculator

Qalculate! is a multi-purpose cross-platform desktop calculator. It is simple to use but provides power and versatility normally reserved for complicated math packages, as well as useful tools for everyday needs (such as currency conversion and percent calculation). Features include a large library of customizable functions, unit calculations and conversion, symbolic calculations (including integrals and equations), arbitrary precision, interval arithmetic, plotting, and a user-friendly interface (GTK+ and CLI).

Qalculate! is free software, licensed under the GNU Public License v2 (or later).

This project welcomes new developers. Visit the project page here.


Latest News

.: 2018-07-09 :. Qalculate! version 2.6.1 released

Get the new version from the downloads page.

List of changes:
  • Fix display of addition with negative non-integer number (show "x - a" instead of "x + -a")
  • Minor bug fixes.
GUI improvements:
  • Do not always download all sources during automatic exchange rates updates (updating of common currencies will be much faster).
  • Configurable completion suggestions.
  • Option to keep insert function dialog open for repeated function calculations.
  • Minor bug fixes and feature enhancements.

.: 2018-06-11 :. Qalculate! version 2.6 released

List of changes:
  • Calendar conversion.
  • 5'8" notation for feet and inches, 5°12'30" notation for degrees, arcminutes and arcseconds.
  • Interpret 5m 7cm as 5m+7cm, and 3h 52min 20s as 3h+52min+20s, and similar.
  • Improved ln() simplifications.
  • Duodecimal, roman, base #, and partial fraction "to" conversion commands.
  • Lunar phase functions.
  • Fix secondary exchange rates source.
  • Fix crashes with compiler flag "-D_GLIBCXX_ASSERTIONS".
  • Simple Calclator::calculateAndPrint() function with support for all the "to"-conversions supported in qalc.
  • Support for searching matching functions, variables and units using 'list' command in qalc.
  • Minor bug fixes and feature enhancements.
GUI improvements:
  • Calendar conversion dialog.
  • Currency flags in completion suggestions list and result display.
  • Extended completion suggestions, matching titles (and countries for currencies) when at least three characters are entered.
  • Completion suggestions for prefixes and prefixed units.
  • Completion suggestions for "to" commands.
  • Add duodecimal and roman numerals to number base conversion dialog.
  • Minor bug fixes and feature enhancements.