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- the ultimate desktop calculator

Qalculate! is a multi-purpose cross-platform desktop calculator. It is small and simple to use but with much power and versatility underneath. Features include customizable functions, units, arbitrary precision, plotting, and a user-friendly interface (GTK+ and CLI).

This project welcomes new developers. Visit the project page here.


Latest News

.: 2017-08-09 :. Preview of the first official Windows version of Qalculate! released

Qalculate! has long been available for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X, but now it is finally also compatible with Microsoft Windows (although there is a fork by Cheng Sun with Windows compatibility, which has contributed code to this version). This pre-release version is likely not as stable as version 1.0.0 (although it does include some important bug fixes), but you are nevertheless invited to try it, report any issues you find and share you opinion.

Download the installer here: qalculate-1.0.99.msi.

.: 2017-07-24 :. Qalculate! version 1.0 released

Qalculate! version 1.0 includes the following changes:
  • Increased efficiency and stability. Slow calculations can in most cases now be terminated in a controlled manner and the application should no longer potentially crash when trying to calculate extremely large numbers.
  • Enhanced factorization.
  • Revised temperature unit handling.
  • Enhanced automatic unit conversion, including a new default mode which keeps original non-SI units if no better alternative (that uses fewer units and exponents) is found.
  • A long list of bug fixes and minor feature enhancements.
For a complete list of changes see the git logs for libqalculate and qalculate-gtk.