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- the ultimate desktop calculator

Qalculate! is a multi-purpose cross-platform desktop calculator. It is simple to use but provides power and versatility normally reserved for complicated math packages, as well as useful tools for everyday needs (such as currency conversion and percent calculation). Features include a large library of customizable functions, unit calculations and conversion, physical constants, symbolic calculations (including integrals and equations), arbitrary precision, uncertainty propagation, interval arithmetic, plotting, and a user-friendly interface (GTK+ and CLI).

Qalculate! is free software, licensed under the GNU Public License v2 (or later).

This project welcomes new developers. Visit the project page here.


Latest News

.: 2021-02-15 :. Qalculate! version 3.17 released

List of changes:
  • Temperature calculation modes (absolute, relative, hybrid)
  • Allow prefixes, with full name, without units (e.g. kilo = 10^3)
  • Save chain mode setting (GUI)
  • Handle SIGTERM signal (GUI)
  • System tray improvements (GUI)
  • Add convert to mixed units to result context menu (GUI)
  • Extended and improved simplified Chinese translation
  • Save handle vector function argument property
  • Fix never ending loop when calculating []*[]
  • Minor bug fixes and feature improvements
Get the new version from the downloads page.