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DataProperty Class Reference

A data set property. More...

#include <DataSet.h>

Public Member Functions

 DataProperty (DataSet *parent_set, std::string s_name="", std::string s_title="", std::string s_description="")
 DataProperty (const DataProperty &dp)
void set (const DataProperty &dp)
void setName (std::string s_name, bool is_ref=false)
void setNameIsReference (size_t index=1, bool is_ref=true)
bool nameIsReference (size_t index=1) const
void clearNames ()
void addName (std::string s_name, bool is_ref=false, size_t index=0)
size_t hasName (const std::string &s_name)
size_t countNames () const
const std::string & getName (size_t index=1) const
const std::string & getReferenceName () const
void setTitle (std::string s_title)
const std::string & title (bool return_name_if_no_title=true) const
void setDescription (std::string s_description)
const std::string & description () const
void setUnit (std::string s_unit)
const std::string & getUnitString () const
const MathStructuregetUnitStruct ()
std::string getInputString (const std::string &valuestr)
std::string getDisplayString (const std::string &valuestr)
MathStructuregenerateStruct (const std::string &valuestr, int is_approximate=-1)
void setKey (bool is_key=true)
bool isKey () const
void setHidden (bool is_hidden=true)
bool isHidden () const
void setCaseSensitive (bool is_case_sensitive=true)
bool isCaseSensitive () const
void setUsesBrackets (bool uses_brackets=true)
bool usesBrackets () const
void setApproximate (bool is_approximate=true)
bool isApproximate () const
void setPropertyType (PropertyType property_type)
PropertyType propertyType () const
bool isUserModified () const
void setUserModified (bool user_modified=true)
DataSetparentSet () const

Protected Attributes

std::vector< std::string > names
std::vector< bool > name_is_ref
std::string sdescr
std::string stitle
std::string sunit
bool b_approximate
bool b_brackets
bool b_key
bool b_case
bool b_hide
PropertyType ptype
bool b_uchanged

Detailed Description

A data set property.

Property definitions for use with data set objects.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DataProperty()

DataProperty::DataProperty ( DataSet parent_set,
std::string  s_name = "",
std::string  s_title = "",
std::string  s_description = "" 

Create a data property.

s_nameProperty name (initial) used for reference.
s_titleDescriptive name/title.

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