Chapter 2. Differences in the new Qt user interface

This manual describes the classic GTK version of Qalculate!. Most of it (particularly from chapter 4 and forward) also applies to the new Qt version. There are however some significant differences, particularly in the layout of the main window.

In the QT interface the current result is only shown in the history, which is always present below the expression entry. The current result is emphasised with a larger font size, compared to previous results. By default only the parsed expression, and not the entered expressed, are displayed in the history.

How the currently edited expression is parsed is displayed (with a slight delay by default) in a tooltip next to the text cursor, instead of below the expression entry. This tooltip also displays the current result of the expression (calculate-as-you-type).

The keypad is hidden by default, but can be shown using the second button from the right (the last of the left aligned buttons).

Calculator mode options are changed in the menu opened using the top-left button (above the expression entry). Some settings have been moved to the preferences dialog.

Conversion (including unit conversion) are primarily applied to the current result or expression using the second button from the left.

The contents of the file menu and some of the edit menu in the GTK interface have been moved to the menu accessed using the top-right hamburger button.