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EvaluationOptions Struct Reference

Options for calculation. More...

#include <includes.h>

Public Attributes

ApproximationMode approximation
 How exact the result must be. Default: TRY_EXACT.
bool sync_units
 If units will be synced/converted to allow evaluation (ex. 1 min + 1 s=60 s+ 1 s = 61 s). Default: true.
bool sync_nonlinear_unit_relations
 If units with complex/non-linear relations (ex. degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit) will synced/converted. Default: true.
bool keep_prefixes
 If unit prefixes in original expression will be kept. Default: false.
bool calculate_variables
 If known variables will be replaced by their value. Default: true.
bool calculate_functions
 If functions will be calculated. Default: true.
int test_comparisons
 If comparisons will be evaluated (ex. 5>2 => 1). Default: true.
bool isolate_x
 If a variable will be isolated to the left side in equations/comparisons (ex. x+y=2 => x=2-y). Default: true.
int expand
 If factors (and bases) containing addition will be expanded (ex. z(x+y)=zx+zy). Default: true.
bool combine_divisions
 Use behaviour from version <= 0.9.12 which returns (x+y)/z instead of x/y+y/z if expand = true.
bool reduce_divisions
 If non-numerical parts of a fraction will be reduced (ex. (5x)/(3xy) =5/(3y) . Default: true.
bool allow_complex
 If complex numbers will be used for evaluation. Default: true.
bool allow_infinite
 If infinite numbers will be used for evaluation. Default: true.
int assume_denominators_nonzero
 If simplification will be made easier by assuming that denominators with unknown value not is zero. Default: false.
bool warn_about_denominators_assumed_nonzero
 Warn if a denominator with unknown value was assumed non-zero (with assume_denominators_nonzero set to true) to allow simplification. Default: true.
bool split_squares
 If powers with exponent 1/2 that only have an approximate result will be split to the least base (sqrt(8) = 2 * sqrt(2)). Default: true.
bool keep_zero_units
 If units with zero quantity will be preserved. Default: true.
AutoPostConversion auto_post_conversion
 If and how units will be automatically converted. Does not affect syncing of units. Default: POST_CONVERSION_OPTIMAL.
MixedUnitsConversion mixed_units_conversion
 Shows time as h + min + s, imperial length as ft + in, etc. Default: MIXED_UNITS_CONVERSION_DEFAULT.
StructuringMode structuring
 If the evaluation result will be expanded or factorized Default: STRUCTURING_NONE.
ParseOptions parse_options
 Options for parsing of expression. Default: default_parse_options.
const MathStructureisolate_var
 If set will decide which variable to isolate in an equation. Default: NULL.
bool do_polynomial_division
 Use polynomial division to simplify the result. Default: true.
 Do not calculate the specified function. Default: NULL.
ComplexNumberForm complex_number_form
 Complex number form. Default: COMPLEX_NUMBER_FORM_RECTANGULAR.
bool local_currency_conversion
 Convert to local currency when optimal conversion is enabled.
bool transform_trigonometric_functions
 Mainly for internal use. Default: true.
IntervalCalculation interval_calculation
 Algorithm used for calculation of uncertainty propagation / intervals. This does not affect calculation of the high precision intervals produced by approximate functions or irrational numbers. Default: INTERVAL_CALCULATION_VARIANCE_FORMULA.

Detailed Description

Options for calculation.

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